Fonseca Theatre gives voice to and celebrates Indy's minority communities through the prism of purposeful theater and civic engagement

We will celebrate the uniqueness of cultures as well as illuminate their similarities.

The Fonseca Theatre Company invites you to experience stories yet untold—your stories and the stories of your neighbors. Indianapolis and the nation have become much more diverse in commerce and cultures. Diversity and inclusion are the fundamental values that inform the work of the Fonseca Theatre Company in the Indianapolis Near West Side.

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Aligning your diversity and inclusion messages with the themes of our compelling productions will empower you to more effectively engage your community, coworkers, and clients.

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Indianapolis: Near West Side

Our permanent home (the Basile Building) will be located on Michigan Street, just a few blocks west of the IUPUI campus. Historically known as Haughville, our new neighborhood is also in the Near West Indy area and is part of several revitalization efforts. Until it’s ready in 2019, we’ll be doing programming at Indy Convergence.

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With all the ways the Fonseca Theatre Company is engaging with the near west side Indy community, there’s a lot to talk about. Founder Bryan Fonseca can be reached at:

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