FTC Supporters

During the early stages of the FTC, we recognize that the “village” that it takes to create and evolve an arts/community entity like ours depends heavily on commitments from special people, businesses and organizations. These supporters and donors provide the financial spark and develop the sweat equity necessary to make the FTC a reality:

Frank and Katrina Basile have been monumentally important in establishing the Fonseca Theatre Company. So much so, that our new home will be named for him and his commitment to the FTC mission. Thanks so much to Frank for “kick-starting” our Near West side dream.

Additional Supporters:

Actors Equity Foundation

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Ross and Sherry Faris Charitable Fund

Andrew and Ellen Greenspan Foundation

Lilly Endowment

The Smith Family Charitable Fund

Taylor Family Foundation

Ursa Minor Fund


David Andrichick, Jean Arnold, Sue Arnold+, Robert Bass, Courtney Blossom, Terri Bourus^, Elizabeth Bray, Helen-Louise Boling, Rod Brown, Patricia Castañeda, Jan Compton, Donald Craft, Phil Criswell, Ian Cruz, Terri Czajka, Eugenia Fernandez, Suzanne Fleenor*, Lisa Fox, Susan Fucik, April Gandionoco, Mark Gastineau, Jody Gilbertson, Chuck Goad and Jim Kincannon, Christian and June Gries, John and Susan Hazer, Michael Heitz, Audrey Heller, Martha Henn, Elizabeth Henn-Carlson, Diane Henshel, Susan Hill, David Hochoy, Corinne Imboden and Ray Kuehlthau, Ann Luther and Ron Jackson, Jen and Rob Johansen, Ted Jones, Jay Kalagayan~, Laura Kehoe, Joanne Kehoe, Scott Keller, Michael Kennedy, Sheila and Bob Kennedy, James and Mary Kenny, Stephen Kern, James and Carol Killen, Ann W. King, Carolyn Kingen, Janice Kreuscher, Angeline Larimer, Annette Magjuka, Jane Malless, Nancy McCarthy, Stephen McNeal, Kevin Moore, Melanie Moore, Jena Morey, Martina Mutone and Andrew Mulvey, John Mutz, Rosa and Atilla Nakeeb, Susan and Jim Naus, Michele Noel, Erin Patrick, Dorit and Gerald Paul, Linda Perdue, Elizabeth Pinnick, Polly Points, Susan G Points, David Pollock, Scott Putney and Susan Sawyer, Mary Redman, Adrienne Reiswerg, Morgen Rieth, Anne Reynolds, Rick and Shannon Rezek, Tom and Stephanie Robertson, Iris Rosa, Harrison Royce, Carly Schall, Diana Schwartz, Sue Shah, Gayle Steigerwald, Karin Stratton, Janet Sutton, Sheila Sutton, Michael Tavel, Diane Timmerman+, Carmela Toler, Diane Tsao Boehm, April Van Scoder, Susan Vinicor, Jim Weinmann, Haley Wright

+ Denotes a Contribution In Honor of Bryan Fonseca
* Denotes a Contribution In Honor of Bryan, Deb, Gayle & Chuck
^ Denotes a Contribution In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Wynn
~ Denotes a Contribution In Honor of Dwuan Watson

Updated as of 3/5/19