About Us

Our Vision

The Fonseca Theatre Company exists to give voice to and celebrate the minority communities of Indianapolis through the prism of purposeful theater and civic engagement. The goal is to bring about social justice through programs which educate, illuminate, and ignite conversations on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our Mission

The Fonseca Theatre Company is a company of artists (80% People of Color) who will give voice to the disenfranchised in our community. The sharing of culture is essential to our nation’s health, and we will focus on work by and/or about minority artists to bring together the city’s growing minority communities. The Fonseca Theatre Company thinks globally but focuses locally.

Our Staff

Jordan Flores Schwartz, Producing Director

Jim Carringer, Production Manager

Chandra Lynch, Marketing Director

Beverly Roche, Resident Teaching Artist

Jamaal McCray, Facilities Manager

Daniel Boleyn, Box Office Manager

Kevin Moore, Director of IT

Clay Mabbitt, Webmaster

Bryan Fonseca, Founder

Our Board of Directors

Patricia Castñeda, Board President
Key Bank

Jamal Abdulrasheed, Director
Barnes & Thornburg

Frank Basile, Director
Gene B Glick Co., retired

Kay Fleming, Director
Fleming Stage

Charlie García, Director
CGarcia & Associates

Shelley Gupta, Director
Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County

Dr. Kelly Hiatt, Director
Community Health Network

Carlos Sosa, Director