FTC Programs

The Fonseca Theatre Company is more than just a theatre. In addition to our professional season, we will offer a range of civic and educational opportunities. We recognize that, in addition to being part of the larger Indianapolis arts community, we are part of a specific neighborhood with a unique history and culture. It is integral to our mission and our values that we become part of the Near West community and participate through neighborhood meetings, clean-ups, sporting events, community festivals, and more.

The programs of The Fonseca Theatre Company will be affordable to all through community pricing.
The programs include:

  1. A theater season of new and adventurous plays featuring playwrights of color
  2. Multiple variety programs on off nights (poetry, music, dance, free-form)
  3. Educational classes in theater arts for children and teens
  4. Civic engagement (workshops on the political process featuring local politicians)
  5. Community engagement (neighborhood site for meetings and a headquarters for local activities such as clean up, crime watch and art happenings)
  6. Neighborhood special events such as block parties and festivals
  7. Tickets and class enrollment for the residents of Haughville, Hawthorne, Stringtown and We Care are at a 75% discount.

Community and Education Programming

We offer youth drama classes for ages 6-12 that have been growing over the past three years, beginning during the Transformation Impact Fellowship. Our Summer 2019 class series, Marauding & Mayhem, will be a 7 week program where students create an original play based on their favorite legends from the sea! Classes will be held Saturday Mornings from 9-11:30 am at Indy Convergence beginning June 22 with a performance on August 3. Please register here if you are interested. We also plan to launch an additional teen class this coming fall in response to the growth of our youth ensemble and a significant gap in teen programming on the Near Westside.

In addition, the Fonseca Theatre company will be developing a Community Ensemble. Lead by a member of our artistic team, the ensemble will be comprised of community members who will go into the neighborhoods and offer a variety of theatre-based workshops and performances to generate dialogue around local issues and give our neighbors the opportunity to tell their stories.

There has also been substantial interest in organizing an International Music Series. Like our programming, this series will reflect our company’s diversity and draw artists from all over the globe. We will work with local musicians and producers to bring the best in live music to the Near Westside and further our commitment to the neighborhood’s growing artistic scene. Guiding this initiative are company members Tim Brickley and Eduardo Luna.

Of course, with each production we will also organize post-show discussions and open up the conversation to our audience. The conversations will be lead by the most relevant community leaders and company members. For the Fonseca Theatre Company, it is essential that our work does not exist in a vacuum and we want to hear what our audiences think. Our goal is to provide an open forum to discuss the issues presented in our play and ideally offer our audiences practical next steps on what they can do to build towards equity and inclusion in their own lives and in their community.