A Skeptic & A Bruja

July 12, 2024 — July 28, 2024

  • Written by: Rosa Fernandez
  • Directed by: Jordan Schwartz
  • Dates: July 12, 2024 — July 28, 2024

Following the loss of her life partner, Priscilla purchases an older home with the intention of transforming it into a bed and breakfast. After a series of eerie occurrences, she reaches out to a podcasting duo known for their paranormal research, “A Skeptic and a Bruja.” Together, they embark on a mission to unravel the unsettling phenomena that pervade the house.

As the characters delve into the history of the previous occupants’ family and its alleged specters, they uncover a labyrinth of enigmatic events. Yet, what proves to be most haunting are the specters that dwell within themselves.

“A Skeptic & A Bruja” weaves a compelling narrative that delves into themes of loss, the repercussions of generational pain, and the journey towards embracing the unalterable.

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  • Senior Tickets $15
  • Student Tickets $15
  • Neighborhood Tickets $10

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